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Demographic Market StudyCapital Needs Assessment/Physical Needs Assessment

 Demographic Market Study

A Demographic Market Study professionally analyzes the potential success of a proposed housing development and is performed for on existing housing projects.  Specific areas are discussed that will directly affect the success of the new or existing project. 

GIBSON Market Studies are carefully prepared to meet the specific requirements of the agency or firm that will receive the report. We keep current on the requirements of the state housing tax credit agencies, HUD, and various private lenders. We are listed in states that maintain a list of approved market analysts included in the list below.

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Louisiana
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi  
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • Nevada
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Puerto Rico
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee  
Our reports have been submitted to and accepted by many national lenders and equity syndicators including National Equity Fund, MMA Financial, PNC Bank, Regions Bank, Boston Capital Partners, Alliant Capital, Wachovia and Sun America.

Capital Needs Assessment/Physical Needs Assessment

GIBSON has performed many Capital Needs Assessments (CNA) and Physical Needs Assessments (PNA) from small projects to large scale projects that support the housing needs throughout the country.

GIBSON'S CNA reports provide a comprehensive report based on the clients property’s needs and the area where the project is located.

GIBSON uses the most up-to-date pricing guides relative to markets and practices in the housing market. We price each item in the assessment with recommendations where applicable, upgrading systems instead of simply replacing the products.

In each assessment, GIBSON provides the Critical Repair Items. These items indicate the health and safety deficiencies violations of Section 8 HUD REAC Universal Physical Conditions Standards. These standards provide the guidelines for all Federal Lead Bases for Painting requirements and remediation. The assessment is broken down to the items that need to be replaced at specific functional times.

The time segments are broken down to: (1) Critical Needs. These items are health and safety deficiencies or violations. (2) Twelve month Physical Needs. This recognizes the detail estimate of the repairs and replacements and other maintenance items that will need to be addressed in twelve months. These repairs address amenities needed to restore the property to basic standards for which the rental market development was originally approved. (3) Long-term Physical needs will include an estimate of the repairs and replacement item beyond the first year that are required to maintain the development’s physical integrity and ability to maintain safe and livable housing over a twenty-year term. The items that are reviewed are all physical needs inside and outside of the structures.

An analysis of Reserves for Replacement will be an estimate of an initial and monthly deposit to the Reserves for Replacement account needed to fund the development long-term physical needs accounting for inflation and Expected Useful Life (EUL) of major building systems. This review would include the cost of twelve-month physical needs but no work items that would be treated as an operation expense.


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Phase I Site AssessmentAir QualityNoise ControlOther Services.

Phase I Site Assessment

Environmental site assessments have become an essential part of today's commercial and residential real estate transactions. A Phase I Site Assessment is a visual and historical assessment of the property with the intention of identifying potential environmental liabilities such as asbestos, underground storage tanks, PCB contamination, or other chemical contamination. To assure that the liability is minimized, record searches and interviews with previous owners or operators are normally accomplished. 

GIBCO'S reports comply with ASTM E 1527-05 and EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiries” (AAI) which are the current regulations governing these reports. If needed we also prepare the HUD Form 4128 and environmental checklists required by various state agencies.

Noise Control

 Noise is considered a major source of environmental pollution because it represents a threat to the serenity and quality of life in urban population centers.  The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) made requirement noise pollution as a nuisance and a hazard.

As communities continue to expand, more sources of noise pollution will come into existence.  The major contributors to the community are transportation sources such as highways, railroads, and airports.  To prevent adverse effects, more consideration is given to noise standards and guidelines for communities to use in attempting to control noise pollution.

HUD has published recommended standards and guideline to use in attempting to control noise pollution.  The impact of noise can be altered or mitigated by changing the characteristics of any of the noise elements such as the source and the path or the receiver.

HUD’s regulations require that recipients of Community Development Block Grants and Urban Development Action Grants take into consideration the noise criteria and standards in the environmental review process.  HUD’s standards must be met for these activities.

Other Services

Environmental Regulations, though necessary in today's complex laws, are increasingly difficult with which to comply or understand how to comply. GIBCO Environmental, LLC was established to help you, the client, to comply with the many environmental, health and safety regulations. In addition to Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, we can provide:

  • Noise Surveys    
  • Radon Testing





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